The itinerary template I use to organize all my trips

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In addition to managing my own complicated, long trips, I also have years of professional experience booking, arranging, and coordinating travel for others. For the longest time, I was in search of the perfect itinerary template - something simple and easy to read that contained everything you needed to know about your trip on one sheet of paper. No more frantically scrolling through your phone in search of that booking reference or confirmation number, or for the phone number of your hotel. No more forgetting where you’ll be on which day, or even forgetting to book something because you didn’t see the whole trip laid out while you were planning. Eventually, I realized the best way to organize my perfect itinerary was simply to make my own. So I created what I consider the ideal Travel Planning Itinerary Template, a Google Drive spreadsheet that I personally use to plan all of my trips – and now I’m sharing it with you.

This spreadsheet is designed to print so that it fits evenly on a single sheet of paper (though this may be longer if your trip is too long to fit - you lucky dog), portrait-style. You can add or delete rows to customize it for your trip length. When it’s finalized, simply click File>Download as to export it as a PDF. Select “Fit to width” and “Portrait.” Once it's in PDF form, you can open it on your mobile device, then take a screenshot - and voila, a digital version on your phone as well.

To begin using it, just click here, click File>Make a copy, and start filling in the blanks! I hope you find it just as useful as I have. Please drop me a line to let me know if you’re using it and how it’s worked for you!

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