I'm Megan. I'm an artist and writer who loves to travel, especially to off-the-beaten-path places. I started this blog to help more people to fall in love with traveling too -- and to inspire more people to make travel a regular part of their lives. Why?

Too many people believe that in order to travel a lot, you must either:

1. Be a trust fund baby, or otherwise loaded
2. Be a complete nomad, selling everything you own, quitting your job and leaving everything behind

I'm neither - yet in the past 5 years I've still managed to see 25 cities in 11 countries (a few more than once) while holding down a demanding, full time, normal office job with 2-3 weeks of paid vacation per year.

I want to inspire you to do the same. If you're new, start here: How I Afford Travel: Badass trips on a not-so-badass budget.


A little more about me:

I'm the daughter of a soldier, and because of the Army I spent my childhood always on the move, including 5 years in Germany. I'm also the product of both Dutch immigrants and proud Texans. I live in Dallas now but will always feel like I've got one foot here and one foot abroad. Good thing I live near a major international airport.

I'm an artist with an active studio practice, specializing in contemporary realistic oil portraits and narrative figure paintings. I earned my BFA in Drawing & Painting in 2008. You can see my work (which contains some artistic nudity) on my website or my art Instagram @meganvangroll.

Writing has also been a lifelong passion of mine - so when friends and coworkers kept asking me how I do it (especially when I tell them how little I spend), I decided to channel my love of writing into this blog. Along the way, that morphed into a few more topics around creativity and sharing what I've learned as I've built my career. I hope you enjoy it.

Questions? Drop me a line. Thanks for reading!

- Megan




Though I keep them to a minimum, you may encounter a few affiliate links around the site. They help support this blog and I appreciate when you use them. Please know that I never endorse products or services I haven't used myself and absolutely love.

Also, nothing I write here or on any social media site represents my employer's views - only my own.