Why you should be an intrapreneur at work

Wikipedia defines intrapreneurship as “the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization.” In my view, intrapreneurs are people who, whether they make coffee or run the show from the top of the food chain, have a vested interest in thinking outside the box, pushing new and disruptive ideas forward in their companies and speaking their mind.

Taking this road isn’t usually a popular choice. It’s easier to go with the flow, collect your paycheck and call it a day. However, the benefits of being an empowered, vocal employee are huge. Becoming an intrapreneur at work can help your career — and even the careers of people around you — in a variety of ways.

Note: In 2014, I wrote a weekly blog series on travel and career advice for eHow. This post is from that series, so you'll have to head over to their site to read it in full. Thanks for reading!

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