How to calculate your daily travel budget

When it comes to the daily expenses of travel — like hotel, food, in-country transportation and souvenirs — many first-time travelers aren’t sure what to expect. How much all of this will cost you can vary widely by destination, currency exchange rates and even how you travel (if you require a four-star hotel and private drivers everywhere you go, your trip is obviously going to be more expensive than a backpacker’s exploration of southeast Asia). To get to a sound estimate of how much cash you need to have available for your trip, it’s important to consider all of these factors.

When I’m planning a trip to somewhere I’ve never been, here’s how I begin to estimate how much it will cost:

Note: In 2014, I wrote a weekly blog series on budget travel for eHow. This post is from that series, so you'll have to head over to their site to read it in full. Thanks for reading!

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