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There are a lot of moving parts to a vacation, especially if you’re traveling like I do - for exploration and new perspectives, not necessarily for relaxation.

If you’re booking a relaxing trip, you’re probably only going to one (or maybe two, max) destinations. That’s usually not me.

Free Travel Planning Checklist -

I typically hit 3-4 destinations in a single 2-3 week trip, and that requires a not insignificant amount of coordination. Booking your roundtrip flights and hotels, in those cases, is just the very beginning.

You’ve still got to figure out how you’re getting from each place to the other, how you’ll get from the airports to each hotel, and of course what you’ll pack. (Not to mention any activities that need to be booked in advance.)

And if you’re working with limited vacation days, you’ll also have a lot more to consider as you start planning your trip. For one thing, every day counts in a way that just isn’t as significant when you work for yourself or have location independence. You really have to make the most of your trip.

That’s why I created this checklist. It walks you through each phase of travel planning, with specific action items to make sure you cover all your bases. It’s designed to be an easy step-by-step system for planning your next trip.

And best of all? It’s totally free. Get your free copy below!


Free travel planning checklist -

Download my free travel planning checklist. A step-by-step guide to planning your next vacation based on my actual trips.

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    Free travel planning checklist