How to make sure you hit your travel goals this year

It's time to take action and make travel happen.

Late December is usually considered a time to relax, hang out with family, stuff yourself till it hurts, and openly embrace the full-on pajama pants laziness of the holidays. I mean, 2017 was a mother. And January will be here before you know it - and that's when you really have to worry about getting your shit together, right?


Right now, exactly in this moment, is the ideal time to begin dreaming about (and making real plans for!) the trips you want to make happen in the next year of your life. Think about it. Right now, it's probably a little quieter at work than normal. Everyone's taking time off to be with family. You might even find yourself with a little more time and headspace to reflect.

A fresh new year is ahead. 12 glorious, sparkly new months are spread open before you like an open road, each representing a brand new chance to see the world (and for your ass to cash the checks your mouth / Pinterest board's been writing). Each month ahead is an opportunity to take that dream getaway, and now is the perfect time to start laying the groundwork.

Here's the thing: If you don't, you know how this shit will go.

Before you know it, the end of January will be here. Then February, then March. Life will start to get a little crazy. You'll have a ridiculously busy month/quarter at work and just keeping up with the errands of life outside of your job (much less your side hustles and passion projects!) will suck you dry. Or something else will come up that drains your energy. Isn't there always something?

Sometimes it'll be an accomplishment just to make it through the week without taking a bottle of wine to the face.

Before you know it, the year is half done, and you haven't really put any research into that trip you wanted to take. You haven't put any real thought into how you'll afford the trip or temporarily rearrange your life to get the time off, either (even if you have paid vacation days just sitting there!).

Or maybe you knew you wanted to travel, but you never really decided where you want to go, which made it that much harder to get closer to figuring out where to go in 2018. 

At that point, it's way too easy to throw up your hands and decide to just toss your leftover paid vacation days at the end-of-year holidays, or other obligatory time, like those 14 weddings you were invited to.

You promise yourself, though, you'll take a long weekend at some point before the year's out. Maybe two, if you're feeling saucy. 

But is that really what you want for yourself in 2018?

Wouldn't it have been way more of a kickass year if you did a little (just a little!) bit of legwork now to make sure you get to take some real time off?

Look. Everyone has their reasons for traveling, or not traveling. And I understand that not everyone is ready right now.

But I do know that way too many people assume they're not ready, because of (insert reason here) that is really just fear hiding behind the presumed logic of an excuse.

But if you're ready to take real action around your travel goals this year, I have a simple, fun (and free!) exercise for you.

I created a free guided workbook that will help you map out the actual trips you could take in 2018, including the where & when. It's time to get your trip ideas off of your Pinterest board, out of your brain, and onto a real framework that gives tangible shape to your travel possibilities.

This free workbook will wipe out your excuses and give you the how-to boost you need to make sure you travel more in 2018. Even if you're a seasoned traveler, it will help make sure you keep your momentum in the year ahead.

Download the workbook:

2018 Travel Planning Workbook

Grab your free copy of my 2018 travel planning workbook! An editable spreadsheet with 3 steps, how-to instructions + examples.

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    It works in 3 steps:


    Finally, a single place to collect all the destinations you've been dreaming about and start figuring out an ideal time to visit. If you've been clipping ideas at random (an article you emailed to yourself here, a pin to your travel ideas board there) but not organizing them in a single place, it may surprise you how much it helps to see it all together. This spreadsheet includes sections you can fill out about why you want to go, as well as record the ideal time to visit each destination (you'll need this for the next step!).


    This part of the workbook features a calendar of the entire year shown at once. Using one color, you shade in all of the days you already have off, and the off-limits days in another color. Then, you can visualize specific time frames that could work for a trip, along with exactly how many days off you'll need to make it happen.

    Free 2018 Travel Planning Workbook


    Here's where things start to get really real. Now that you have an idea of where you want to go, and when you could go, you can start combining those 2 aspects to assemble real trip possibilities. Your new, revamped bucket list will give you new ideas about how to combine different destinations into a single trip, based on proximity or stopover options. Your date mapping calendar will give you a few date ranges to play around with. Now you can plug in those dates and start filling in possible destinations.

    Free 2018 Trip Planning Workbook

    Now, you've gone from a few ideas (some more fleshed out than others) and a rough mental image of your year, to having it all down in writing and visualized, where you can start to see the real possibilities emerge.

    I hope this free workbook inspires you to take action and start your year of travel off right. I'm on a mission to get more people to see the world, so if this helps you get a few steps closer to doing that in 2018, I've done my job and I'm happy.


    2018 Travel Planning Workbook

    Grab your free copy of my 2018 travel planning workbook! An editable spreadsheet with 3 steps, how-to instructions + examples.

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      How to make sure you hit your travel goals in 2018