The travel itinerary template I use to plan all my trips (free download!)

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A few years ago, I created a Google Sheet spreadsheet that organized all the details of my trip in a super efficient, easily printable way. I created it for my own personal use, not for anyone else, because I simply couldn't find a travel planning itinerary template that did what I wanted it to.

After a while, I decided to put it out into the world in hopes that other people would find it useful, too. The response was overwhelming. It seemed like everyone who came across it wanted a copy. My inbox was flooded with new Google Drive requests all the time. Years later, I still get new requests for it!

Since then, I've made some significant improvements to the structure and format of the template. I also beefed it up with a new tab containing detailed instructions on how to use it, and how to PDF and print it. I even added a real, filled-out example from one of my trips to Europe.

But the best part? It's still incredibly simple to use, streamlined, and efficient, with no unnecessary frills. This is not where you list every possible restaurant or boutique you think you might want to visit. It's not meant to be "pretty" or littered with cute fonts that are hard to read when they're small.

Download the Free Travel Planning Itinerary Template

It's a very utilitarian document that is designed to make it stupid-easy to find what you need while you're on the road. Trust me - when your phone dies and your hotel can't find your reservation, or you're scrambling to get to the airport and realize you forgot to look up your exact flight time and confirmation code before you left the hotel's free wifi - you will be glad you have this itinerary, printed in your pocket or available offline as an image on your phone.

The itinerary template helps make planning your trip easier, too. I've included tips on how to use it to visualize everything you still need to book as you lock down flights and begin to firm up your plans.

Because I only want to give you the best, most useful tips and tools I have, I've taken the old version down and replaced it with my brand new version.

And I'm giving it to you for free. Just sign up below to get your free copy!

Grab the free itinerary template:

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Grab my free travel itinerary template! An editable spreadsheet with how-to instructions + a real example from one of my trips.

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    Download the free travel itinerary template